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Music of New Mexico  Native Traditions CD

Music of New Mexico Native Traditions CD

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This portrait of Pueblo, Navajo and Mescalero Apache music reveals the remarkable breadth of Native American song. Ranging from traditional to contemporary -- from the drumming and Courting Flute singing of a San Juan Pueblo Cloud Dance song to a Zuni Song to a modern Navajo folk song -- these recordings demonstrate that music remains a varied, dynamic and vital part of Native American community life. Produced with the National Museum of American History, extensive notes, bibliography and discography are included. 19 performances.

101     Rainbow Dance Song      Fernando Cellicion, Alton Nastacio, and Florentine Johnson      6:09                               
102     Captive Dance Song     Bernard Duran     3:37                                                                                
103     Two-Step Dance Song     Bernard Duran     4:46                                                                              
104     Cloud Dance Song     Peter, Cipriano and Jerry Garcia     13:21                                                              
105     Two-Step Dance Song     Carl Tsosie     1:24                                                                                
106     Two-Step Dance Song     Carl Tsosie     1:17                                                                                
107     Round Dance Song     Ruben Romero, Ernest Martinez, and Juan O. Lujan     2:20                                                
108     Taos Pueblo Round Dance Song     Ruben Romero, Ernest Martinez, and Juan O. Lujan     2:41                                    
109     New Two-Step Dance Song: Enjoy our Lives Together Forever     The Turtle Mountain Singers     2:12                          
110     New Skip-Dance Song: It's Your Fault That You're Looking for Your Horses All Night     The Turtle Mountain Singers     1:54
111     Courting Flute Song     Fernando Cellicion     1:56                                                                          
112     The Handshake     A. Paul Ortega     3:37                                                                                    
113     Moccasin Game Song     A. Paul Ortega and Sharon Burch     3:50                                                              
114     Traveling Song     A. Paul Ortega     1:35                                                                                    
115     Tsídii-Bird     Geraldine Barney     1:24                                                                                    
116     Welcome Home     Sharon Burch     4:35                                                                                        
117     Courting Song     John Rainer, Jr.     1:49                                                                                  
118     Round Dance Song     John Rainer, Jr., Lillian, Veranda, Howard, and John Rainer, Sr., and P.J. McAffee     3:12              
119     Glitter Nights     Geraldine Barney     5:48                                                                               

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