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Creation's Journey  Native American Music CD

Creation's Journey Native American Music CD

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Smithsonian\Folkways Recordings, with the National Museum of the American Indian, here collects the music of native Americans. Accompanying booklet provides background and descriptions of music selections from the North American Plains (2), Southwestern U.S. (3), Eastern U.S. and Canada (2 items), Cherokee Christian songs (2), Northwest Coast and Arctic (4), and Mexico and South America (2). Selected bibliography and discography. 17 recordings.

     101     Prairie Chicken Dance     The Blackfoot Crossing Singers     2:00    
     102     Scalp Dance / Victory Dance (medley)     Comanche Singers     4:08    
     103     Two-Step: Inform Your Grandma     D.J. Nez     2:01    
     104     Crown Dance     Ramsey Burnette     2:36    
     105     Butterfly Dance     Peter Garcia and Carpio Trujillo     10:18    
     106     New Women's Shuffle Dance     Young Nation Singers     6:28    
     107     Constitution Breakdown     Lee Cremo Trio     2:11    
     108     Sheehan's Reel / Pigeon on the Gate (medley)     Lee Cremo Trio     2:25    
     109     A Beautiful Life     The Kingfisher Trio     2:06    
     110     On the Jericho Road     The Kingfisher Trio     2:35    
     111     Helana     Elena and Nicholas Charles and Joe Chief, Jr.     1:30    
     112     Hello Song     Elena and Nicholas Charles and Joe Chief, Jr.     2:43    
     113     Ladies Dance     Kwakiutl Singers     5:59    
     114     Peace Dance     Kwakiutl Singers     2:21    
     115     Sata Kallta     Comunidad Aymara de Laqaya     4:30    
     116     Axawiri Imilla     Comunidad Aymara de Laqaya     6:56    
     117     Son de la Danza de los Mixes     Zapotec Singers     4:32

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