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Musical Traditions of St. Lucia CD

Musical Traditions of St. Lucia CD

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The rich musical traditions of the Creole-speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles are practically unknown outside the region. Intricate and driving rhythms, moving melodies with French, English and African echoes - all come together in the traditional music of St. Lucia. Extensive notes and references compiled by ethnomusicologist Jocelyne Guilbault, University of Ottawa. 32 songs.

101     Isabel-o      Germain Bebey with Lawrence Flavis and Remy Joseph      2:38                                               
102     Byen, byen Elford mayé     Elford John with Leonard John     2:29                                                          
103     Ki bèl bato     Chorus led by Zita Celise     0:41                                                                        
104     Mangotinn lababad ka bwilé     Leonard John     2:28                                                                        
105     Marianne     Steve "Foumi" Theodile     1:52                                                                                
106     Nou ka pasé     James Arthur with chorus     1:29                                                                          
107     Mascarade     Masquerade instrumental ensemble     1:47                                                                    
108     La volé mèlo     Lawrence Clifton leading chorus     1:06                                                                  
109     Jan pyè woulo     Elford John with Leonard John     1:17                                                                  
110     Fago ribi     Etienne Wells Joseph and Edna St. Mart with Noah Delaireon     1:38                                          
111     Olagogo Ogon     Georges "Démou" Sitotte with drums     1:39                                                                
112     Kérè     Noah Delaire with Etienne Wells Joseph     1:36                                                                    
113     Chòbiyo man karaki     Etienne Wells Joseph with Noah Delaire     1:12                                                      
114     Lakonmèt dance     Kwadril ensemble     2:37                                                                                
115     Pwémyé fidji     Kwadril ensemble     2:49                                                                                  
116     Twazyém fidji     Kwadril ensemble     3:05                                                                                
117     Avantwa     Kwadril ensemble     3:15                                                                                      
118     Gwan won     Kwadril ensemble     4:05                                                                                      
119     Moulala twa fasad     John Jacobs with Napoleon Henry     2:28                                                            
120     Bélè atè: Léo malad an lopital     Leonard John     2:09                                                                    
121     Bélè anlawis: Pwémyé ich mwen     Germain Bebey with Jules Popo and Joseph Walter     1:38                                
122     Bélè anlè: Bwa yo lésè     Elford John with Leonard John     1:51                                                          
123     Bélè matjé: Laklé cho     Leonard John     1:46                                                                            
124     Dépi on fanm kamawad'w     Jeanine Simonne leading chorus     2:25                                                          
125     Yang miki yang     Clifton Joseph wtih Leonard John     2:27                                                                
126     Lésé manman mwen     Leonard John     2:44                                                                                  
127     The flower, the flower, the rose are in dismay     Julita Louis and members of the Lamargit Society of Laborie     1:32    
128     Anmizá nou wadlo     Lydia René Louise     2:09                                                                            
129     Byen l'bonswè     Fidèle Emannuel with Clide Clery     1:54                                                                
130     Lè mwen té ja di     Nora Son accompanied by percussion instruments     3:33                                                
131     Tann wadlo palé     Eric Theodor with Ives Simeon and François "Difé" Fanis     3:22                                      
132     Alé di wadlo, mi mwen mwen ja wivé     Nora Son accompanied by percussion instruments     2:14                           

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