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Music of Indonesia 12  Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra CD

Music of Indonesia 12 Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra CD

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Melodic gong ensembles and male singing with percussion are found throughout Sumatra. Two examples of each are heard here: West Sumatran Talempong (in two contrasting forms); Kulintang from Lampung, at the southern end of the island; the choral didong songs of the Gayo in Aceh; and Salawat dulang, competitive duet singing from west Sumatra that surprisingly uses popular songs as a vehicle for texts on points of Islamic doctrine. Excellent notes. 73 minutes.

101     Sidi      Talempong Pariangan Padang Panjang      4:18                
102     Talipuak Kampai     Talempong Sikatuntuang Bunga Setangkai     3:07      
103     Pararakan Kuntu     Talempong Unggan     5:11                           
104     Ramo-ramo Tabang Tinggi     Talempong Unggan     4:59                   
105     Kutalu-talu     Grup Kala Laut     9:52                                 
106     Lumut     Grup Sinar Pagi     5:16                                     
107     Munalo     Grup Kala Laut     4:53                                       
108     Tabuh Kenilu Sawik     Group from Labuhan Maringgai     4:17             
109     Tabuh Cetik     Group from Labuhan Maringgai     1:06                   
110     Tabuh Samang Ngembuk     Group from Labuhan Maringgai     0:52           
111     Tabuh Balau Serattau     Group from Labuhan Maringgai     7:17           
112     Tanggak     Salawat Dulang Kilek Barapi     22:29                   

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