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Music of Indonesia 14  Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas CD

Music of Indonesia 14 Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas CD

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The great gamelan orchestras and the wayang shadow-theater of Java and Bali are known throughout the world as Indonesian cultural treasures. Experience, through these 8 recordings, three of the lesser-known varieties of gamelan and wayang that contrast sharply with the standard forms.
The first, Wayang Sasak , mixes Javanese-stlye puppets, Islamic stories, and Balinese and Sasak musical idioms. From there the gamelan Banjar , from South Kalimantan, is a wild fantasia on the Javanese model. The release concludes with a 30-minute overture to a wayang play and a 10 minute jemblung performance from Banyumas, in Central Java.

101     Wayang Sasak: Overture and Beginning of Opening Scene      Sekaha Sekar Karya      11:53
102     Wayang Sasak: Laju     Sekaha Sekar Karya     1:43                                         
103     Wayang Sasak: Rangsang     Sekaha Sekar Karya     1:56                                     
104     Jemblung: Sekar Gadung Naik Cikoa     Grup Jemblung Sari Budaya     8:32                 
105     Jemblung: Dhandhanggula     Grup Jemblung Sari Budaya     2:11                           
106     Jemblung: Uler Kambang     Grup Jemblung Sari Budaya     6:48                                
107     Wayang Banjar: Memucukane (Overture)     Kresna Group     31:06                           
108     Topeng Banjar: Klana     Kesenian Wayang Kulit Asam Rimbun     10:25                   

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