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Music of Indonesia 15  South Sulawesi Strings CD

Music of Indonesia 15 South Sulawesi Strings CD

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This album presents professional narrative and lyric singing with kacapi (a two-stringed, plucked lute) from the Bugis, Makasar and Mandar peoples of South Sulawesi, along with informal, private singing from the Toraja and driving instrumental pieces from the Bugis and Kajang. A new addition to Smithsonian Folkways' excellent Music of Indonesia series.This release also includes what will perhaps prove to be the best album cover for 1997 - at least in the world music genre. 

Cultures along the Indonesian coast in South Sulawesi have adapted foreign string isntruments to Indonesian musical aesthetics. This event-oriented music (accompanied and instrumental) often accompanies acrobats and clowns performing at family celebrations and ceremonies. Both professional and informal duets, trios, or ensembles, play two-stringed lutes, lutes that probably originated in Arabia, violins, and zithers. 70 minutes. Recorded in South Sulawesi in 1996.

1. Getti' Lampa     Bugis Kacapi Ensemble, Pangkajene     3:23    
2. La Tinulu La Kasiasi (excerpt)     Bugis Kacapi Ensemble, Pangkajene     9:08    
3. Four Tunes     Kajang Kacapi Group     8:18    
4. Ati-ati Raja (excerpt)     Caku Daeng Baji     3:26    
5. Dendang Sia     Lammu' and La Dahung     4:57    
6. Lambang Sari Seddi'     Grup Tiga Sekawan     9:38    
7. Tipalayo (excerpt)     Sa'be     4:24    
8. Sai Malayo (excerpt)     Satuni     3:47    
9. Three Songs     Tau Langi' and Parui'     4:06    
10. Paambi' Bulu'     Ahmad Daeng Mile and Idrus Daeng Buang     9:50    
11. Gandung Sia     Lammu' and La Dahung     5:05    
12. Pajalenje' na     Group Tradisional Anreguru-e Lacombong     6:48

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