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Music of Indonesia 19  Music of Maluku  Halmahera, Bura, Kei CD

Music of Indonesia 19 Music of Maluku Halmahera, Bura, Kei CD

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Musically, the vast province of Maluku ("the Moluccas") is one of the least known regions of Indonesia. Here we present music from three islands: Halmahera in the north, Buru in the center, and Kei Besar in the south. From Halmahera comes togal, entertainment music played on stringed instruments plus flute, drums, and a singer. From Buru we offer a varied selection: men's songs with drumming, an excerpt from a night-long sung narrative, jew's harp pieces, and a gong ensemble. Aside from two ensembles of flute and percussion, our recordings from Kei Besar are mainly vocal; solos, a duo, and choruses offering advice, recounting history, and asserting territorial boundaries (an important use for songs in Maluku); there is also a rowing song sung by children. Finally we return to Halmahera and present selections from a dabus performance accompanied by singing and frame drums. In dabus, a Muslim ritual derived from Sufi practice, men stab themselves vigorously with iron awls, but the spiritual power of the ritual leader protects them from serious injury. 74 minutes, 32 page booklet with map

101     Mares      Grup Oma Moy      4:56                                        
102     Lagu Togal     Grup Oma Moy     7:47                                       
103     Kalabae     Engafuka Ensemble     4:20                                   
104     Tuang Kolatu     Nurut Wamese, Mukasayang Nustelu     4:46                 
105     Tigertama     Res Wamese     2:21                                         
106     Perusi Tajang     Res Wamese     3:03                                     
107     Ranafafan     Gong Ensemble     3:01                                     
108     Marin Uib     Chorus of Children     1:13                                 
109     Wannar     Grup Darussalam     3:55                                       
110     Tiwal Sawat     Tiwal Ensemble     2:53                                   
111     Snehet     Titus Rahaoban     4:01                                         
112     Ngel-ngel     Paulus Rahaoban, Titus Rahaoban     2:35                   
113     Ngel-ngel     Female Soloist and Chorus     3:30                         
114     Baiut Ntya Nit     Poli Domakubun     1:06                                 
115     Sosoi     Female Duo and Chorus     3:36                                 
116     Tari Busur Panah     Michael Erubun, Otnen Domakubun     2:09             
117     Dzikir Samman: Allahu Allah     Dabus Officiants and Musicians     7:15
118     Qasidah Rifai: Baghdadi     Dabus Officiants and Musicians     4:45       
119     Kata Syeh: Baqada Imuhai     Dabus Officiants and Musicians     7:01       

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