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Music of Indonesia 20  Indonesian Guitars CD

Music of Indonesia 20 Indonesian Guitars CD

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The first instruments of the guitar family probably came to Indonesia on Portuguese ships in the sixteenth century. In this final album of our series, we look at various Indonesian responses to the guitar. In some regions, the standard instrument has acquired repertoires of local melodies to which verses in local languages are sung. This development is heard here in recordings from South Sumatra, Lampung, and South Sulawesi. Elesewhere, home-made instruments resembling guitars play in unique local idioms, as in our recordings from Sumba and western Timor. The national popular music genres always incorporate guitars: we hear a kroncong-style instrumental with Hawaiin guitar, and a delightful imitation - part homage and part parody - of the dangdu star Rhoma Irama's electric-guitar style, played on a two-stringed, ampified kacapi from South Sulawesi. The album closes with a new departure: a delicate, unclassifiable piece by a North Sumatran group that draws partly on an international folk/pop style and partly on North Indian traditional idiom. 32 page booklet, 73 minutes

101     Kemayoran      Grup Bamba Puang      4:56                                  
102     Stambul Naturil     Usman Achmad     4:02                                   
103     Terang Bulan (excerpt)     Sahilin and Siti Rohmah     5:55                 
104     Ludu Pambuhang     Yohanes Terpanjang (Haingu)     6:16                     
105     Sungguh Terpaksa     La Podding and La Mamma     4:16                       
106     Los Quin Tallu-tallu     Grup Bamba Puang     6:19                           
107     Nasib Mak Kualon     Usman Achmad     6:28                                   
108     Langgam Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama     Orkes Kroncong Mutiara     4:58      
109     Kolo Kot Matani     Band Teleu Nekaf     6:57                               
110     Nasib Muara Kuang     Sahilin and Siti Rohmah     6:20                     
111     Ludu Parinna     Ataratu     9:47                                           
112     Fajar Di Atas Awan     Suarasama     7:19                                   

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