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Tuva, Among the Spirits  Sound, Music and Nature in Sakha and Tuva CD

Tuva, Among the Spirits Sound, Music and Nature in Sakha and Tuva CD

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Tuva, Among the Spirits is a sonic journey to the steppes of southern Siberia, the wellspring of Tuvan and Sakhan music, where the spiritual power of nature is manifested through its sounds. In these unprecedented on-site recordings, master musicians imitate and interact with the natural acoustic environment. Recorded in 1995-1998 on horseback, in creek beds, caves, canyons, and grasslands.
Extensive notes, photographs, and discography. 1999 New Age Voice Music Awards: awarded finalist for Best Traditional World Album of 1999.

1. A Reverberant Valley     n/a     1:57    
2. Sakha Animal Imitations     German Khatilaev and Kavdia Khatilaev     1:55    
3. Tuvan Round-Up     n/a     1:48    
4. Fantasy on the Igil     Kaigal-ool Khovalyg     5:33    
5. Birds and Bird Imitations     Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatoli Kuular, Alexei Saryglar     2:21    
6. Xöömei on Horseback     Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatoli Kuular     2:32    
7. Borbangnadyr with Steam Water     Anatoli Kuular     2:43    
8. Xomuz (Jew's Harp) Imitating Water     Anatoli Kuular     1:38    
9. Home on the (Mountain) Range     n/a     1:28    
10. Ang-Meng Mal-Magan Öttüneri (Imitation of Wild and Domestic Animals)     Albert Saspyk-ool     1:49    
11. Ang-Meng Mal-Magan Öttüneri (Reprise)     Alexander Chambal-oglu Tülüsh     2:12    
12. Harmonics in the Wind     n/a     2:59    
13. Sonic Landscape     Grigori Mongush     1:49    
14. The Legacy of Ancestors     Tos-Khol     7:32    
15. Cave Spirits     Sayan Bapa     0:56    
16. Kyzyl Taiga (Red Forest)     Kaigal-ool Khovalyg     2:19    
17. Talking Xomuz     Anatoli Kuular     1:53    
18. Chiraa-Xor     Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatoli Kuular, Sayan Bapa     4:29    
19. Epilogue     n/a     0:59

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