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Heartbeat 2: More Voices of First Nations Women CD

Heartbeat 2: More Voices of First Nations Women CD

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The Highly acclaimed 1995 Smithsonian Folkways release, Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women, introduced the public to a rare and dynamic but little-known Native American music. This new recording offers more material traditionally sung by tribal women and music that is ordinarily sung or played by man but recently performed by women as well. Heartbeat 2 includes social and ceremonial dance songs, war, honor, and story songs from Native North America, as well as music in contemporary styles, including flute songs, poetry set jazz, and pop-oriented folk song. Produced in collaboration with the National Musuem of American History.

2000 Nominee for Best Compilation Recording, Native American Music Awards

101 Coming Out Song Bernice Torres 1:33
102 Lahuyay Bernice Torres 1:46
103 Feather Dance Song Bernice Torres 1:39
104 Women's Honor Song Tzo'kam 2:18
105 Gathering Song Tzo'kam 1:56
106 Children's Dance Mary Youngblood 2:45 
107 Ellangluteng Mary Stachelrodt 1:53
108 War Song Elena Charles and Mary Stachelrodt 1:53
109 Wabakii Bezhig Jani Lauzon 2:23 
110 Ah hum mum ma Tudjaat 0:45 
111 Humma ha ba ba Tudjaat 0:41 
112 Kajusita (My Ship Comes In) Tudjaat 3:53 
113 Igo The Wabanoag Singers 3:30
114 Echoes Mary Youngblood 2:54 
115 War Mothers Song Mary Ann Anquoe 1:49
116 Encouragement Song Sissy Goodhouse 4:14 
117 Girl's song for her grandmother Dorothy Whitehorse DeLaune 0:57
118 Girl hunting for her boyfriend Dorothy Whitehorse DeLaune 0:51
119 Lullaby Dorothy Whitehorse DeLaune 0:52
120 Honoring Song for Young Man Afraid of His Horses Nellie Two Bulls 2:35 
121 Singers' Honor Song The Crying Woman Singers 4:12
122 Potter's Bull Laura Wallace 1:35
123 Beautiful Mountain Laura Wallace 2:17
124 Welcome Home Sharon Burch 4:32
125 Trail of Life Sharon Burch 2:45 
126 Tuhvanga bui wahnay Judy Trejo 1:16 
127 Hey Wuhui Judy Trejo 1:59 
128 Wovoka Judy Trejo 2:12 
129 Tears for Kientepoos Mary Youngblood 2:57 
130 The Musician Who Became a Bear: A Tribute to Pepper Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice 4:54

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