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Northumberland Rant  Traditional Music >From the Edge of England CD

Northumberland Rant Traditional Music >From the Edge of England CD

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Brilliant instrumentals by master traditional musicians from England's northeasternmost county, featuring the sweet distinctive sound of the Northumbrian smallpipes, along with fiddle, accordion, and other instruments. A mix of field, studio, and archival recordings made between 1954 and 1998, Northumberland Rant includes never-before-issued performances by the legendary piper Billy Pigg as well as some of Northumberland's favorite musicians -- Jack Armstrong, Willie Taylor, the High Level Ranters, Joe Hutton, Anthony Robb, Kathryn Tickell, Pauline Cato, Chris Ormston, Will Atkinson, and others. 36-page booklet photos. 65 minutes.

101     Archie's Fancy / Holey Ha'penny (medley)      Billy Pigg      3:02                                                                                            
102     Keening in the Wind / Alston Flower Show (medley)     Chris Ormston     3:39                                                                                   
103     La Russe / The Windshield's Hornpipe / Jane's Fancy / Da Road to Houll (medley)     The High Level Ranters     4:51                                          
104     Rothbury Hills / Whittingham Green Lane / The Cott / Border Fray (medley)     Jack Armstrong     4:16                                                        
105     Murray River Jig / Roland and Cynthia Taylor / Alistair J. Sim (medley)     Willie Taylor     4:13                                                             
106     I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me     Anthony Robb     2:56                                                                                                       
107     Dance de Chez Nous / Aunt Mary's Canadian / Neil Taylor's Jig (medley)     Willie Taylor, Joe Hutton, and Will Atkinson     2:37                                 
108     The Lady's Well / Random / The Cliff (medley)     Pauline Cato     3:57     Not Available for Download                                                          
109     Dargai     Anthony Robb     2:08                                                                                                                                 
110     Skye Crofters     Billy Pigg     1:17                                                                                                                           
111     Torryburn Lasses / The Wandering Tinker / Marry Me Now / Mrs. Wedderburn / Randy Wives of Greenlaw (medley)     Wayne Robertson and Nigel Jelks     3:25       
112     Speed the Plough     Joe Hutton     1:32                                                                                                                         
113     There's Nae Guid Luck About the House / High Level Hornpipe (medley)     Billy Pigg     3:30                                                                     
114     Robertson's Reel / The Grand Chain (medley)     Willie Taylor     2:12                                                                                         
115     Jock of Hazeldean / Gentle Maiden (medley)     Colin Ross     2:54                                                                                               
116     The Pearl Wedding / Nancy Taylor's Reel (medley)     Willie Taylor     2:41                                                                                     
117     Lament for Ian Dickson     Anthony Robb     2:39                                                                                                                 
118     Keel Row/Durham Rangers / Greencastle / Hesleyside Reel / Yankee Doodle (medley)     Jack Armstrong and the Barnstormers     3:00                            
119     Miss Hannah Ormston / Katie Elliot's Jig (medley)     Chris Ormston     4:00                                                                                   
120     Mr. Nelson's Birthday Waltz     Kathryn Tickell     3:47                                                                                                    
121     Border Spirit     Billy Pigg     1:21                                                                                                                        

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