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Discover Indonesia CD

Discover Indonesia CD

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Music of Indonesia Selections from the 20-CD Series. Indonesia is a huge country, spread over hundreds of islands, encompassing peoples of many different languages, religions, and musical cultures. Fifteen tracks from the widely acclaimed 20-CD series Music of Indonesia have been selected to provide an exciting and varied introduction to musical styles from different parts of the country. From rowdy gamelan and xylophones to quiet night music for flute, from Christian church harmonies to dissonant part-singing, featuring brilliant performances on guitars, xylophones, gong rows, and brass bands, this anthology will delight both new listeners and those already familiar with the court gamelan of Java. All digitally recorded on location between 1990 and 1997. Recorded, produced, and annotated by Philip Yampolsky with the collaboration of the Indonesian Society for the Performing Arts, and funded by the Ford Foundation. 70 minutes. 20-page booklet.

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