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Capoeira Angola 2  Brincando na Roda CD

Capoeira Angola 2 Brincando na Roda CD

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Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho follow their 1996 release, Capoeira Angola from salvador, Brazil by delving deeper into Capoeira's poetry in motion. Brincando na Roda sets the tone for these expressive dances bringing to life this graceful art form's self-defense style movements. Mestre Pedro Moraes, inheritor of this most African of the Brazilian capoeira traditions, exhorts the musicians and dancers with his ringing voice and the rhythms of the berimbao, the musical bow. Today, capoeira's popularity reaches far beyond Brazil and in capoeira angola offers a pathway to self-knowledge. The ritual combat ring of Capoeira is seen as a microcosm of real life, in which geometric form facilitates the propagation of energy. The movements made inside the circle symbolize the adversities we encounter in our lives.

Extensive notes in English and Portuguese, 9 tracks, 45 minutes.

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