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Jibara Hasta el Hueso  Mountain Music of Puerto Rico by Ecos de Borinquen CD

Jibara Hasta el Hueso Mountain Music of Puerto Rico by Ecos de Borinquen CD

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The resurgence of cultural and racial pride in the United States during the 1960s and the 1970s had a parallel in Puerto Rico -- so much so that today, the mere sound of musica jibara can provoke a cheer of cultural and national pride. In the forward-looking words of the young singer on this recording, Karol Aurora De Jesus Reyes, the music "will make us shine around the world, until the people hear the music and say, 'Look, that is the music of Puerto Rico.' It's the music of my country, that which represents us and that which identifies us as a people." Leader Miguel Santiago Diaz hand-picked this group of virtuosic instrumentalists to let the music shine at its brightest.
Extensive notes in English and Spanish, 16 tracks, 67 minutes.

101     A mi dulce amada (To My Sweet Beloved)      Ecos de Borinquen      4:00              
102     La herencia de mi papá (The Heritage of My Father)     Ecos de Borinquen     3:16      
103     Jíbaro hasta el hueso (Jíbaro to the Bone)     Ecos de Borinquen     3:57             
104     Somos los puertorriqueños (We Are the Puerto Ricans)     Ecos de Borinquen     4:25
105     Dulce sueño mío (Sweet Dream of Mine)     Ecos de Borinquen     4:13                 
106     Margarita     Ecos de Borinquen     3:11                                             
107     Y amo la libertad (And I Love Freedom)     Ecos de Borinquen     4:28                 
108     La Loma del Tamarindo (The Tamarind Hill)     Ecos de Borinquen     6:50             
109     En mi estrofa decimal (In My Ten-Line Strophes)     Ecos de Borinquen     4:55       
110     Trova con sabor (Verses with Flavor)     Ecos de Borinquen     3:30                   
111     Mi plena felicidad (My Complete Happiness)     Ecos de Borinquen     4:01             
112     Marumba a Guadiana (Marumba for Guadiana)     Ecos de Borinquen     2:28             
113     Los gallos cantaron (The Roosters Sang)     Ecos de Borinquen     5:36               
114     En un eterno poema (In an Eternal Poem)     Ecos de Borinquen     3:56               
115     María Leticia     Ecos de Borinquen     2:30                                         
116     Diálogo (Dialogue)     Ecos de Borinquen     5:22                                  

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