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El ave de mi soñar: Mexican Sones Huastecos CD

El ave de mi soñar: Mexican Sones Huastecos CD

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Hard-edged violin improvisations, driving guitar rhythms, and soaring falsetto vocal excursions mark the son huasteco, one of Mexico’s most distinctive and celebrated regional styles of music. Raised on the cattle and sugar cane ranches of the Huastecan region of northeastern Mexico, the three men of Los Camperos de Valles, Marcos Hernández Rosales, Gregorio "Goyo" Solano Medrano, and Joel Monroy Martínez, are acclaimed international ambassadors for their music, their region, and their nation. El Ave de mi Soñar (The Bird of My Dreams) fuses age-old Huastecan repertoire, masterful stylings, and original poetry of musician-poet Artemio Posadas to create a deeply traditional, yet highly creative, monument to Mexican music.

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