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Grupo Naidy  iArriba Suena Marimba! CD

Grupo Naidy iArriba Suena Marimba! CD

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Currulao Marimba Music from Colombia by Grupo Naidy

The marimba is a vivid legacy of African presence in Latin America, but only on the Pacific coast of southern Colombia and northern Ecaudor does it keep its close connections to a strongly African culture. Hailing from small towns along the river-ridden Colombian coast, the seasoned women singers of Grupo Naidy raise their voices to the accompaniment of marimba and drums, performing their unique styles of music known collectively as currulao.
36-page booklet, bi-lingual notes, photos, 54 minutes.

Tracks Artist/Performer
101 El botelln (The jug) Grupo Naidy
102 Una Maanita (One morning) Grupo Naidy
103 Mi gallo corococ (My rooster crows) Grupo Naidy
104 Dolores Grupo Naidy
105 Lo que suena, qué será? (That sound, what could it be?) Grupo Naidy
106 La maravilla (The marvel) Grupo Naidy
107 O, ve (Listen, look) Grupo Naidy
108 Lo que me trajo el Nio Dios (What the Christ Child brought me) Grupo Naidy
109 A cmo vende la piangua? (How much is the piangua?) Grupo Naidy
110 Pango Grupo Naidy
111 Vamos a adorar a Antonio (Let's worship Saint Anthony) Grupo Naidy
112 Salomé Grupo Naidy

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