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¡Soy Salvadoreño! Chanchona Music from Eastern El Salvador: Los Hermanos Lovo CD

¡Soy Salvadoreño! Chanchona Music from Eastern El Salvador: Los Hermanos Lovo CD

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The low–slung mountains and rural villages of eastern El Salvador are home to one of the most joyous yet little-known regional musics of Latin America. Called chanchona—“big pig,” the local name for the string bass—it is music made by and for country people. When the family group Los Hermanos Lovo fled the civil war of the 1980s and 1990s, they took their homegrown music with them to Washington, D.C. There, the lively sounds of the cumbiaare as much an invitation to dance as a way of creating a sense of “home” and cultural solidarity. 14 tracks, 51 minutes, 36-page booklet, bilingual notes.

This album is part of the Smithsonian Folkways Traditions series of Latino music albums, produced with support by the Smithsonian Latino Center.


    101     El carnaval de mi tierra (The Carnival of My Land)    
                    Los Hermanos Lovo     3:20    
    102     La salvadoreña (The Salvadoran Woman)     Los Hermanos Lovo                                 3:11    
    103     Amapulapa     Los Hermanos Lovo     3:46    
    104     Así somos nosotros (That's How We Are)     Los Hermanos Lovo                                 3:50    
    105     El delincuente (The Delinquent)     Los Hermanos Lovo                                 3:28    
    106     Canto a mi patria (I Sing to My Homeland)    
                    Los Hermanos Lovo     4:03    
    107     Las tres fronteras (The Three Borders)     Los Hermanos Lovo                                 3:37    
    108     La moneda (The Coin)     Los Hermanos Lovo     4:52    
    109     El carnaval de San Miguel (The San Miguel Carnival)    
                    Los Hermanos Lovo     3:01    
    110     El carbonero (The Charcoal Maker)    
                    Los Hermanos Lovo     2:37    
    111     Aunque me duela perderte (Even Though It Pains Me to Lose                 You)     Los Hermanos Lovo     3:21    
    112     El mojado (The Wetback) Los Hermanos Lovo     4:30    
    113     Viajando por América (Traveling through America)
                    Los Hermanos Lovo     4:03    
    114     La secretaria (The Secretary)Los Hermanos Lovo     3:21

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