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Classic Canadian Songs From Smithsonian Folkways CD

Classic Canadian Songs From Smithsonian Folkways CD

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Canadian identity was once truly a mosaic - of disparate regions and small communities widely dispersed over a vast and inhospitable landscape. Classic Canadian Songs from Smithsonian Folkways showcases the rich musical traditions from generations of European settlers and contrasts with that of Aboriginal peoples fiercely determined to preserve their ways of life in the wake of colonialism and its injustices. 30 classic tracks, over an hour of music, 32 page booklet w/ extensive liner notes & photos.

Tracks Artist/Performer
101 Les fraises et les framboises / Le festin de campagne / Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser Jean Carignan and Friends
102 Lord MacDonald's Reel Jean Carignan
103 The Land of the Muskeg (and the Shining Birch Tree) Wade Hemsworth
104 Cree Greeting Song (The Shaking Hands Song) William Peaychew
105 Le reel de l'harmonica (Reel de Rimouski) Aldor Morin
106 The Northern Trappers' Rendezvous Loewen Family Orchestra
107 The Alberta Homesteader Alan Mills
108 A Poor Lone Girl in Saskatchewan Anne Halderman
109 When the Ice Worms Nest Again Alan Mills
110 The Oda G. Stanley G. Triggs
111 The Ballad of Weldon Chan Karen James
112 Chanson de Riel Gaspard Jeannotte
113 Tim Finnegan's Wake Tom Kines
114 I's the B'y Alan Mills
115 Tonts, tonts! Ruth Rubin
116 The Welcome Table Charles Owens
117 The Heel and Toe Polka Arbuckle, Mikkelson, and Clifton
118 Cree Prisoner's Song William Burn Stick
119 Un Canadien errant Alan Mills
120 Maggie Howie Geraldine Sullivan
121 Constitution Breakdown Lee Cremo Trio
122 'N Uair Nighidh T The Millers (or the North Shore Singers)
123 Anti-Confederation Song Alan Mills
124 Danse carré Edgar Morin
125 The Black Fly Song Wade Hemsworth
126 Hogan's Lake O.J. Abbott
127 She's Like the Swallow Alan Mills
128 The Gay Gordons (Scotland the Brave) Arbuckle, Mikkelson, and Clifton
129 Nootka Farewell Song George Clutesi
130 Moose and Bear Calls Sandy Stoddard

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