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Los Tres Reyes: Romancing the Past CD

Los Tres Reyes: Romancing the Past CD

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The Mexican romantic trio—three suave male voices backed by two, and sometimes three, guitars and singing romance-drenched lyrics in lush harmony—rocketed to pan-Latin popularity in 1948 with the pioneering group Trío Los Panchos. Los Tres Reyes (The Three Kings), known as “the last of the great trios,” epitomize the trio sound and continue to make it a mainstay of Mexican acoustic music. High-voice Cuban singer Bebo Cárdenas joins founding members, brothers Gilberto and Raúl Puente, to show us how, in Cárdenas’s words, “The trío romántico is synonymous with intimacy.” 69 minutes, 44 page book with bilingual notes.

This album is part of the Smithsonian Folkways Tradiciones/Traditions Series of Latino music albums, produced with support by the Smithsonian Latino Center.

Produced by Daniel E. Sheehy; Associate Produced by León Felipe García Corona; Engineered by Pete Reiniger; Mixed by Pete Reiniger; Mastered by Pete Reiniger; Engineered by Joe Treviño; Liner Notes by León Felipe García Corona; Liner Notes by Daniel E. Sheehy; Cover photo by Mauricio Ramírez; Performed by Daniel E. Sheehy; Design by Galen Lawson

Track Listing

1. Aventurera (Adventuress) - bolero - 3:44
2. Mis flores negras (My Black Flowers) - vals - 3:14
3. Locura (Madness) - bolero - 2:51
4. El lunar de María (María's Mole) - guaracha - 3:18
5. Decídete (Make Up Your Mind) - bolero - 2:54
6. Extravío (Loss) - vals - 3:31
7. Ódiame (Hate Me) - vals - 3:37
8. Jacarandosa (Joyful) - guaracha - 4:21
9. Qué Impaciencia (What Impatience) - bolero - 2:41
10. Déjame solo (Leave Me Alone) - bolero - 3:05
11. Homenaje a Los Panchos Medley (Tribute to Los Panchos): Contigo, Caminemos, Amor, no me quieras tanto, Los dos - bolero, popurrí (medley) - 7:41
12. Poquita fe (Little Faith) - bolero - 2:59
13. El libro de los dioses (The Book of the Gods) - bolero - 3:20
14. Cuando la besas tú (When You Kiss Her) - vals - 3:14
15. Homenaje a Tomás Méndez Medley (Tribute to Tomás Méndez): El aguacero, Cucurrucucú paloma, Gorrioncillo pecho amarillo, Bala perdida - popurrí (medley) - 3:25
16. Un compromiso (A Commitment) - bolero - 2:50
17. Romanticismo (Romanticism) - vals - 2:49
18. No me queda más (There Is Nothing Else Left for Me) - bolero - 3:02
19. Señora María Rosa (Mrs. María Rosa) - vals - 3:09
20. Homenaje a José Alfredo Jiménez Medley (Tribute to José Alfredo Jiménez): Serenata huasteca, Paloma querida, Qué bonito amor - popurrí (medley) - 3:22

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