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Here I Stand: Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song CD

Here I Stand: Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song CD

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When senior members of a community go into schools and talk about their lives and work, and children write songs with Larry Long about what they have learned, they create a remarkable celebration of humanity and hard work. In these 1995 recordings, Alabama elders talk about their lives, and children from eleven rural public schools sing compositions based on the elders' words.


Cuando los miembros mayores de la comunidad van a las escuelas y hablan de su vida y su trabajo, o cuando los niños escriben canciones con Larry Long acerca de lo que ellos han aprendido, crean una notable celebración de la humanidad y trabajo duro.

En estas grabaciones de 1995, los ancianos de Alabama hablan de sus vidas y los niños de once escuelas públicas rurales cantan composiciones basadas en las palabras de los ancianos.

101 Arthur Slater (spoken) Arthur Slater 1:20
102 My Charge to Keep (Ballad of Arthur Slater) Larry Long and Ethel T. Leslie's 3rd Grade Class of Coffeeville Elementary 2:43
103 A Charge To Keep I Have Arthur Slater 0:55
104 Jerry Hall (spoken) Jerry Hall 1:10
105 I've Got Work To Do (The Ballad of Hall's Red & White Super Market) Larry Long and Donna Hall's 4th Grade Class of Wadley High School 3:20
106 Danny Garcia (spoken) Danny Garcia 1:05
107 Guadalajara, Mexico (Ballad of Danny Garcia) Larry Long and Mrs. Willingham & Mrs. Coots' 5th Grade Class of Collinsville High School 5:28
108 Sally Goodin Sabrina Williams 1:43
109 Mary Stuart (spoken) Mary Stuart 1:10
110 Old Camp Hill Larry Long and Mrs. Menniefee's 4th Grade Class of Edward Bell High School 3:08
111 Walter Frederick Browder (spoken) Walter Frederick Browder 1:00
112 My Little Town Larry Long and Mrs. Peek's 5th Grade Class of Gaylesville School and assistance from Mrs. Evelyin Hu 5:13
113 Lily Mae Stewart /The Charming Black Mustache Lily Mae Stewart 1:46
114 Hard Times, Good Times in Coffee Springs Larry Long and Mrs. Tyson's 5th Grade Class of Coffee Springs School High School 4:52
115 Karen Cato (Spoken) Karen Cato 0:47
116 I Will Sing Alleluia, Oh Lord Centerview Youth Choir from Camp Hill, Alabama 2:11
117 Atha Thacker (Spoken) Atha Thacker 1:07
118 Hey Coal Miner Larry Long and Mrs. Side's 6th Grade Class of T.W. Martin High School with assistance from Mr. Jason 2:57
119 Dana Williams and Lillian Diehl (Spoken) Dana Williams and Lillian Diehl 1:08
120 Wash Day Is Every Day Larry Long and Mrs. Jane Moss Robert's 6th Grade of Oakman Elementary 2:48
121 Ezra Cunningham (Spoken) Ezra Cunningham 1:11
122 Way Down Yonder in the White Man's Field Larry Long and Mrs. Farris & Mrs. Beal's 5th Grade of Beatrice Elementary 5:59
123 Lewis Martin, Jr. (Spoken) Lewis Martin, Jr. 0:33
124 I Know My Redeemer Lives Sacred Harp Singers of Camp Hill, Alabama 3:29
125 Bill Godwin (Spoken) Bill Godwin 0:40
126 Not a Hog Thief or a Liar Larry Long and Mrs. Ralls' 4th Grade Class of Pleasant Home School 5:38
127 Gladys Milton (spoken) Gladys Milton 1:26
128 Why Not Me, Lord (sung) Larry Long with Mrs. Elmore's 5th Grade Class of W.S. Harlan School 5:12
129 Walter Frederick Browder (spoken) Walter Frederick Browder 0:20

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