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Bells and Winter Festivals of Greek Macedonia CD

Bells and Winter Festivals of Greek Macedonia CD

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During Christmas and New Year's weeks of 2000-2001, Steven Feld traveled in Greece with Dick Blau and Angeliki and Charles Keil to record a CD for their book Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia. This CD soundscape evokes the world of Romani families in the ancient crossroads town of Iraklia (Jumaya), moving through the marketplace, the cafes and homes of the Roma neighborhood, the town church, and several New Year's parties.

Throughout the trip Feld was taken by the presence of bells in the countryside, in local villages, and in winter festivals. This CD features these keynote sounds of animal bells, town and church bells, and belled festival peformers interacting with Romani instrumental trios, as well as with bagpipes (gaida) and frame drums (defi). Extensive notes, photos, 7 tracks, 63 minutes

     101     Belled Goats of Assiros      Belled goats in the outskirts of Assiros      4:25     
     102     Belled Sheep of Dorkas     Belled sheep in Dorkas     4:14    
     103     New Year at Sohos     Zissis Hindzos, Aristidis Dramalis, and Yiannis Dramalis     10:44    
     104     Arapides Festival at Nikisiani     vendors, boys and men at the Arapides Festival     7:37    
     105     Taverna Party at Nikisiani     Ioannis Milkas, Grigoris Goras, and Antonis Halatsis     15:15    
     106     Babouyera Festival at Kali Vrissi     The Madziris trio - Kostas, Ilias, and Elias Dimanos     9:48    
     107     Festival Parade at Kali Vrissi     Bagpipers withs boys and men with costumes of bells     11:25

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