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Sonam Dorji: Music from the Mountains of Bhutan CD

Sonam Dorji: Music from the Mountains of Bhutan CD

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In Bhutan, a mountainous, landlocked country bordering India and Tibet, music plays an important role in daily life and religious rituals. Historically, Bhutanese music was comprised of two genres: traditional ballads called zhabdro dangrem or zhungdra, and sacred music performed at religious ceremonies and festivals. Today the genres have expanded to include livelier folk songs called zhabdro gorgom (including popular Tibetan style songs called boedra) and Bhutanese contemporary music known as lu-saar. This recording features the director and founder of the Music of Bhutan Research Center, Kheng Sonam Dorji, performing on drangyen (Bhutanese lute) and singing traditional Bhutanese music along with several of his own compositions. Produced and annotated by Dorji for the 2008 Smithsonian Folklife Festival Program “Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon,” this recording brings endangered musical traditions to audiences outside of Bhutan. 41 minutes, 17 pages of notes with photos.

Track listing:

1. Dungai Nanggo Nigma (The Orphan's Song) - 6:41
2. Atta Sonam Dorji (Brother Sonam Dorji) - 6:20
3. Gawai Nima Shar (The Song of Nature) - 3:53
4. Goenzang Gi Chogla (The Devoted Pilgrim) - 4:21
5. Jalu Kepai Maja (Indian-Born Peacock) - 6:17
6. Nam-Gunghi Englu Zhugmi (The Skies of Paradise) - 3:56
7. Ney Diney Pharla Jaytshana (The Princess and the Temple) - 5:58
8. Norbu Rigi Pangshong (The Precious Treasure of Mountains) - 5:41

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