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Songs and Rhythms of Morocco CD LYR-7336

Songs and Rhythms of Morocco CD LYR-7336

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A rare document of musical traditional expressions recorded entirely in Morocco, one of the most culturally rich and diverse locations on earth. Selected from many hours of recordings, this collection focuses primarily on the peasant and pastoral traditions of two groups: the ancient Berber peoples of the Grand and Middle Atlas, and the legendary Moors, also known as the "Blue Men" - Appellation derived from the intense color of their robes, and permanent blue staining of their skin. A wide variety of music including harvest rites, wedding festivities, a Heddaoua "Hashish" song and the erotic Moorish Guedra dance highlight this memorable recording.

1. Taskiouine - 4:21
2. Guimbri Solo - 2:08
3. Ahidous - 4:32
4. Song & Amzhad - 1:35
5. Ahouach - 4:35
6. Heddaoua - 2:21
7. Guedra: Standing Dance/Knee Dance - 5:06
8. Wedding Festivities at Tinherir - 19:54
9. Gnaua - 1:55
10. Haouz Orchestra of Marrakech - 2:58

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