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Songs for Woodworkers CD

Songs for Woodworkers CD

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Joe Glazer 

"Come all you jolly fellows and listen to my song. It’s all about the shantyboys and how they get along." [The Lumber Camp Song] In this collection of Songs for Woodworkers Joe Glazer definitely captures the essence of the jolly spirit of the men and women that often worked in rather harsh and dangerous conditions. In celebration of the International Woodworkers of America’s 40th anniversary, this album pays tribute to one of America’s greatest unions with songs such as "Talking IWA" and "The Lumberman’s Alphabet."

101 Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks Joe Glazer 2:39
102 The Frozen Logger Joe Glazer 3:29
103 The Shantyman's Life Joe Glazer 2:41
104 The Raftsmen Joe Glazer 1:41
105 The Lumberjack's Prayer Joe Glazer 1:45
106 The Lumber Camp Song Joe Glazer 1:56
107 Talking IWA Joe Glazer 4:44
108 IWA Marching Song Joe Glazer 2:33
109 Grand Hotel Joe Glazer 2:03
110 The Jam On Gerry's Rocks Joe Glazer 3:35
111 The Jones Boys Joe Glazer 0:55
112 The Lumberman's Alphabet Joe Glazer 2:46
113 Ralph Chaplin Speaks Joe Glazer 8:17
114 Solidarity Forever Solidarity Forever Joe Glazer 2:28


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