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Songs of Steel and Struggle: The Story of the Steelworkers CD

Songs of Steel and Struggle: The Story of the Steelworkers CD

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Joe Glazer 

Collector Records presents Joe Glazer along with the Charlie Byrd Trio in this collection of Songs of Steel—as no series on industrial folklore and folksong in America would be complete without an album dedicated to steelworkers. Glazer opens the album with Woody Guthrie’s hit song “Pittsburgh” and sings of other poignant moments in steel unions’ history, including the gut-wrenching tale of the “Memorial Day Massacre” (Earl Robinson) where ten men were shot and killed by police while peacefully protesting outside a Chicago plant. Extensive liner notes complete the collection.

101 Pittsburgh Joe Glazer 1:59
102 Red Iron Ore Joe Glazer 2:23
103 The Ballad of Jon Catchins Joe Glazer 3:42
104 United Steelworkers Are We Joe Glazer 1:54
105 Amalgamate As One Joe Glazer 3:27
106 The Homestead Strike Joe Glazer 3:17
107 Memorial Day Massacre Joe Glazer 1:59
108 The Spirit of Phil Murray Joe Glazer 2:29
109 Too Old To Work Joe Glazer 2:57
110 Corrido Del Minero Joe Glazer 2:49
111 Steel Mill Blues Joe Glazer 2:41
112 1913 Massacre Joe Glazer 4:06
113 I Lie in the American Land Joe Glazer 3:02
114 When a Fellow Is Out of a Job Joe Glazer 2:41
115 Solidarity Forever Joe Glazer 2:34

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