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Hal-an-tow: Songs of the Six Celtic Nations CD

Hal-an-tow: Songs of the Six Celtic Nations CD

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Hal-An-Tow features the extraordinary voice of Canadian singer Sandra Reid, and the sensitive world-percussion accompaniment of Randy Crafton. This is a rare collection of songs sung in the original languages of the six modern Celtic nations. The ancient and timeless combination of drum and voice embodies the essence of these unique and soulful melodies. These songs share an uncommon passion and power to haunt, to linger and ultimately to capture the heart. Together, Sandra Reid and Randy Crafton take off on an exciting "now" age tangent offering the listener a magical tonic for the spirit. With her soaring and powerful voice, Sandra Reid is one of the few singers performing in all six of the modern Celtic languages. Randy Crafton is known-through his own work, and recordings and performances with Glen Velez-as a virtuosic frame drummer and world musician. Traditionally, these songs are sung unaccompanied. In the past, art singers have paired well with pianists and harpists. In her collaboration with Randy Crafton, Sandra is experimenting with an ancient tradition, that of coupling the voice with the drum. This is an especially exacting challenge for the percussionist, as the rhythmic pulse of many of the traditional songs is defined by the poetic meter of the individual text. Randy Crafton brings to this partnership manifold talents and expertise from his extensive background in world music traditions. Together, Sandra and Randy take off on an exciting "now" age tangent offering the listener a magical tonic for the spirit. Of course, as with all Lyrichord recordings of traditional world music, there are no sampled or synthesized sounds used on this recording.

1. Ma Zadig a Ma Mamm - 2:25
2. Arrane Saveenagh - 6:01
3. Casadh an Tsúgáin - 3:03
4. Lisa Lan - 2:13
5. Sliabb Na Mban - 4:33
6. Delyow Syvy - 1:45
7. Oran Chaluim Sgàire - 3:13
8. A Pa Oan Bihan Bibanning - 2:19
9. Bendir Solo - 2:03
10. Bean Phaidin - 1:35
11. Yn Foldeyr Gastey - 2:04
12. Diougan Gwench'lan - 5:18
13. Chan E Caoidh Mhic Shiridh - 4:09
14. Davydd y Garreg Wen - 2:51


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