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JVC Southeast Asia Music and Dance Regional Set -- 5 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books -- REDUCED PRICE

JVC Southeast Asia Music and Dance Regional Set -- 5 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books -- REDUCED PRICE

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This 5 DVD-R set illustrates 63 music and dance performances from Southeast Asia. 
Vol 1 includes Vietnamese water puppet play, bamboo flute with ensemble, shawm and drum, xylophone with flat gongs, flute and bamboo tubes, zither ensemble, folk song with dance and folk instrument performance, gong ensemble and festival of the Gialai people. Also Cambodian apsara dance, a dance-drama, folk instrument performance and a wedding ceremony. 
Vol 2 includes Thailand's candle dance, ceremonial dance-drama, masked dance, zither, bowed lute and string ensemble music, along with Burma's (Myanmar) classical music, a monkey play, ensemble music, salutation dance, a dance to pray for protection of the spirits, a harp solo, drum dance and puppet dance.
Vol 3 visits Malaysia and presents court dance, folk tradition, dance-drama and a lute duet. The Philippines are represented by music from the balingbing (split-bamboo idiophone), the nose flute, jew's harp, a bamboo tube zither, and end-blown flute, a panpipe ensemble, tongagong (stamping tubes) and gongs, along with bamboo pole dances. 
Volumes 4-5 include Indonesia's gamelan, devotional dance, warrior's dance, court dance and seated dance, a men's chorus, shadow puppet play, and several instrument ensembles, featuring bowed lute, plucked zither and narrative recitation. 
A CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books describes each performance and enlightens Southeast Asia musical traditions. 



6-1 Water puppet play
6-2 Sao - bamboo flute, with ensemble
6-3 Saranai [shawm] and trong ki nang [drum]
6-4 Roncat - xylophone, with flat gongs
6-5 Sao phong ticu [flute], t'rung [xylophone], and angklung [bamboo tubes]
6-6 Dan tranli - zither ensemble: "Treo len nui thien thai" ("Climbing Mt. Thien Thai")
6-7 Folk song with dance: "Ngoi tua man thuyen" ("Reclining on the side of a boat")
6-8 Folk instruments performance
6-9 Saranai [shawm], trong bara nung [drums], and trong ki nang [small gong]
6-10 Gong ensemble
6-11 Festival of the Gialai people


6-12 Apsara dance
6-13 Lakhon Bassac - dance-drama
6-14 Folk instruments performance
6-15 Wedding ceremony



7-1 Fawn tien - candle dance
7-2 Ram sat chatri - ceremonial introduction of dance-drama
7-3 Khon - masked dance-drama: "Prince Rama's fight with the Devil King Thosakanth, from the Ramakian
7-4 Dance-drama: "Chui-chai Prahm" ("Chui-chai of a Brahmin")
7-5 Jakhc - three-string zither, with ensemble: "Lao Phaen"
7-6 Khlui - flute solo: "Phya kruan"
7-7 So sam sal - bowed lute solo: "Khaek mon"
7-8 Kruang sal - string ensemhle: "Lao duong duen"
7-9 Molam - song and dance genre Myanmar (Burma)
7-10 Classical music in the yo-daya style: "Mo bwe nan thein" ("Song of the rain god")
7-11 Monkey play
7-12 Hsaing-waing ensemble: Overture
7-13 Salutation dance
7-14 Dance to pray for the protection of the spirits
7-15 Saung - baris solo
7-16 Drum dance
7-17 Dance performance: Pledge of love
7-18 Puppet dance



8-1 From a court dance: "Tarinai Layang Mas" ("Golden swallow dance")
8-2 From folk tradition: "Selayang Kercing" ("Flying kercing")
8-3 Dance-drama: Ramayana
8-4 Sapeh - lute duet: "Jempen letoh"


8-5 Balingbing - split-bamboo idiophone
8-6 Tongali - nose flute
8-7 Onnat - jew's harp
8-8 Kulibit - bamboo tube zither
8-9 Paldong - end-blown flute
8-10 Saggeypo - independent panpipe ensemble
8-11 Tongatong - stamping tubes
8-12 Topayya - gongs struck with the hands
8-13 Palook - gongs struck with beaters
8-14 Fishermen's supplication dance: "Tahing baila"
8-15 Bamboo pole dance: "Singkil"
8-16 Folk dance medley


Indonesia 1


9-1 Gamelan - instrument ensemble: "Sekar jupun"
9-2 Pendet - devotional dance
9-3 Baris - warrior's dance drill
9-4 Legong keraton - court dance
9-5 Kebyar trompong - seated dance with gong set
9-6 Calonarang - dance-drama


Indonesia 2

Bali - cont.

10-1 Kecak - men's chorus


10-2 Wayang - shadow puppet play
10-3 Gamelan degung - small court ensemble
10-4 Tembang Sunda Cianjuran - song with instrument ensemble
10-5 Pantun - narrative recitation with accompaniment: "Mundinglaya Dikusumah" ("The story of Mundinglaya")
10-6 Tembang Sunda Cianjuran - song with instrument ensemble: "Papatet"
10-7 Tarawangsa [bowed lute] and kacapi slier [plucked zither]: "Kidung"
10-8 Celempungan - instrument and voice ensemble: "Tablo"



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