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JVC Soviet Union Music and Dance Regional Set -- 4 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books -- REDUCED PRICE

JVC Soviet Union Music and Dance Regional Set -- 4 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books -- REDUCED PRICE

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Four DVDs illustrate 88 music and dance performances of all of the former Soviet republics and territories. 

Vol 1 features Russia and lyric folk songs, group dance songs, village chorus and spinning song, a wood trumpet ensemble, children's pliaska (fast dance), an historical song and a wedding song. 

Vol 2 visits Latvia for folk songs and instrument ensembles and an antiphonal song from Alsunga; Estonia for a medley of ethnic dances; Lithuania for a waltz, wedding song, male chorus, and folk ensemble polkas and waltzes, along with game songs; Belorussia for a folk dance medley and folk songs; Ukraine and Moldavia for duma (narrative song), plus ethnic dance medleys and a wedding song. 

Vol 3 features Azerbaijan and its lute, shawm and plucked lute music; Armenia's wedding dance and song, a shawm solo and folk song; a Georgian male chorus, songs, dances and part-singing from the Adzhar region plus ethnic dance performances from Dagestan. 

Vol 4 includes ethnic instruments, and folk song and dance from Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Kirgiz, Kalmyk, Mari, Bashkir and Siberia, featuring musical children's stories, Eskimo song and dance and a Kamchatkan ensemble. 

A CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books rounds out this collection with descriptions, maps, glossaries and essays. 



23-1 Lyric folk song: "Tsvetiki-tsvetochko" ("Flower")
23-2/3 Khorovod - group dance song
23-4 Wedding song: "lz-za lesu to lesu tiomnogu" ("From beyond the dark forest")
23-5 Lyric folk song: "Belaia berezon ' ka" ("White birch")
23-6 Lyric folk song: "Ne vo nashikh vo poliakh" ("In our fields")
23-7 Lyric folk song: "Ne za rechen 'koi" ("Beyond the river")
23-8 Lyric folk song: "Solovei" ("Nightingale")
23-9 Khorovod song: "Vykhodili krasny devushki" ("The beautiful girls have arrived")
23-10 Winter song: "Po goram devki khodili" ("Girls walking on the knoll")
23-11 Dance for six persons
23-12 Chastushka - folk song of Tarnogskii Gorodok
23-13 Village ehorus: "Balalaechka gudit" ("The balalaika sings")
23-14 Spinning song
23-15 Khorovod - group dance song
23-16 Spring song: "Poidiomte devochki"
23-17 Rozhok - wood trumpet ensemble: "Vo luziakh"
23-18 The Briansk-Sverdlovsk Joint Ensemble
23-19 Timonia - dance song of Kursk
23-20 Folk instrument ensemble
23-21 Khorovod - group dance song: "Tatianina matushka meia mela seni" ("The maiden played and danced")
23-22 Children's pliaska [fast dance]
23-23 Lyric folk song: "Oi ty batiushka nash provoslavnyi Tikhii Don" ("Oh, Don River")
23-24 Dance song: "Byl ia rano" ("I came early")
23-25 Historical song: "Aei da na slavnoi bylo bratsy da na rechushke"
23-26 Wedding song: "Rodimaia da mati"
23-27 Lyric folk song: "Lazorevyi tsvetochek" ("Lapis-colored flower")
23-28 Lyric folk song and pliaska [fast dance]: "Uzh ty batiushka, nash bystryi Terek" ("Oh, fast flowing Terek River")



24-1 Folk song with folk instrument ensemble
24-2 Folk song: "The beanstalk"
24-3 Antiphonal song from Alsunga
24-4 Kokle - plucked lute performance
24-5 Folk instrument ensemble


24-6 Medley of ethnic dances


24-7 Waltz: "I have cut hay"
24-8 Wedding song: "Oh my brothers"
24-9 Male chorus: "Song of youth"
24-10 Folk instrument ensemble: waltz
24-11 Folk instrument ensemble: polka
24-12 Female chorus: lyric song
24-13 Game song: "The magpie"
24-14 Game song: "The gray rabbit"


24-15 Folk dance medley
24-16 Chastushka - folk song: "Do not sing under my window"


24-17 Duma - narrative song: "The death of the Cossack bandura player"
24-18 Folk instrument ensemble
24-19 Folk song: "So that the grain will bear much fruit"
24-20 Ethnic dance medley


24-21 Ethnic dances
24-22 Wedding song



25-1 Performance on ethnic instruments by the Makhiliar group
25-2 Puppet dance
25-3 Saz - plucked lute performance and song: "Beloved one"
25-4 Balaman [shawm] and saz [plucked lute] performance with song: "Gule gule"
25-5 Saz - plucked lute solo


25-6 Duduk - shawm solo and Armenian folk song: "Memories"
25-7 Wedding dance and song

25-8 Male chorus: "Mravalzhamier" ("To your health!")
25-9 Male chorus: "The Song of Khasan-bek"
25-10 Song and dance from the Adzhar region
25-11 Krimanchuli - part-singing and vocal ensemble from the Adzhar area
25-12 Ossetian ethnic dance

Dagestan (Autonomous Republic)

25-13 Ethnic dance and tightrope walking

Russian Gypsies

25-14 Song: "The girl"
25-15 Song: "The gypsies are going"



26-1 Kiui [instrumental music] with dombura [plucked lute] ensemhle: "Sary Arka"
26-2 Zhir: narrative poem recited to dombura [plucked lute] accompaniment
26-3 Wedding song with dutar [plucked lute] accompaniment


26-4 Karnal - trumpet and street musicians' performance 26-5 Ethnic dance: "Joy"


26-6 Song: "Song of the horse"
26-7 Dance of celebration


26-8 Wedding song and dance


26-9 Ensemble of ethnic instruments

Kalmyk (Autonomous Republic)

26-10 Folk dance and folk song

Mari (Autonomous Republic)

26-11 Folk dance and folk song

Bashkir (Autonomous Republic)

26-12 Ensemble of ethnic instruments


26-13 Ensemble of Udehe ethnic instruments
26-14 Udebe song and dance: from "Forest Awakening"
26-15 Nanaitsy musical children's story: "Kimbek-keinke"
26-16 Love story of Nanai fishermen
26-17 Evenki folk song: "Our mother Katanga"
26-18 Folk dance performed by a Kamcbatkan ensemble
26-19 Koriaki bird dance and Eveny dance
26-20 Koriaki folk song: ("Ocha") and bird dance
26-21 Eskimo song and dance: "Ceremonial dance"
26-22 Eskimo song and dance: "Dance of the raven"
26-23 Eskimo song and dance: "Walrus bunting" 


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