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Stickin' With the Union: Songs from Wisconsin Labor History CD

Stickin' With the Union: Songs from Wisconsin Labor History CD

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Larry Penn and Darryl Holter 

The history of the struggles of workers in Wisconsin is replete with examples of miserable working conditions and violence directed towards strikers, countered by the courage and determination of union workers. Larry Penn and Darryl Holter chronicle this history through songs of their own composition, as well as songs by Woody Guthrie and others.

Darryl Holter, originally from Minneapolis, first became a union organizer while a student at the University of Minnesota. He is still musically active—his most recent album is 2010’s West Bank Gone. Larry Penn, a truck driver all his working life, is Milwaukee’s most enduring folk singer-songwriter.

Thirty-four pages of liner notes provide detailed background information about each song’s history and complete song lyrics.

101 Fifty Years Ago Larry Penn and Darryl Holter 2:37
102 Babies in the Mill Darryl Holter 2:43
103 Ghosts of Bay View Larry Penn 2:02
104 Saturday Night Darryl Holter 3:34
105 Frozen in Time Larry Penn 3:13
106 So Long Partner Larry Penn 1:21
107 Willie the Scab Larry Penn 2:17
108 Which Side Are You On Darryl Holter 2:25
109 Cowboy Days Larry Penn 4:42
110 The Wreck of the Carl D. Bradley Larry Penn 5:06
111 Love and the Shorter Work Week Darryl Holter 1:40
112 Putting the Blame Darryl Holter 2:24
113 Union Maid Larry Penn and Darryl Holter 2:45
114 So Long It's Been Good to Know Ya Darryl Holter 3:28

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