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Textile Voices: Songs and Stories of the Mills CD

Textile Voices: Songs and Stories of the Mills CD

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Joe Glazer 

In this album’s liner notes Sol Stetin, former president of the Textile Worker Union of America and co-founder of the American Labor Museum, writes "Joe Glazer knows the feelings and aspirations of the textile workers. He has marched on their picket lines and sung in their union halls. With the songs and stories on this record, he reminds us of the unquenchable spirit and courage of the textile workers and their struggle to build a union which will give them a real voice on the job."

101 Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine Joe Glazer 3:08
102 Factory Girl Joe Glazer 1:32
103 Babies In The Mill Joe Glazer 4:06
104 Weave Room Blues Joe Glazer 3:05
105 On The Picket Line Joe Glazer 2:01
106 We Live In The Company House Joe Glazer 4:05
107 We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder Joe Glazer 1:38
108 We Are Building A Strong Union Joe Glazer 1:52
109 Hard Times In The Mill Joe Glazer 1:52
110 Cotton Mill Colic Joe Glazer 3:39
111 Shine On Me Joe Glazer 2:01
112 I Ain't No Stranger Now Joe Glazer 2:19
113 Humblin' Back Joe Glazer 4:02
114 Give Me That Textile Workers Union Joe Glazer 2:17
115 The Mill Was Made Of Marble Joe Glazer 4:28
116 Solidarity Forever Joe Glazer 2:53

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