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Armenia: Liturgical Chants - Mekhitarist Community of Venice CD

Armenia: Liturgical Chants - Mekhitarist Community of Venice CD

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The monastery located on the island of San Lazzaro in the Venetian Lagoon, serves as the headquarters of the Mekhitarist Order of the Armenian Catholic Church. Here, at one of the foremost centers of Armenian Christian culture in the world, the Mekhitarist monks recorded this collection of liturgical chants sung during Lent and Easter. This monastery, notes ethnomusicologist Alain Daniélou, has maintained the tradition of the Armenian chant in its most authentic form.

The liner notes, in English and French, contain the text of the liturgical chants, taken from the Armenian Breviary, the Armenian Hymnal, and the Armenian Catholic Bible.

Track listing

1. Louys Araritch Lousso (Hymn to the Light of the Trinity) - 5:49
2. Ornemc Ezkez Anesghispen Hayr (The Return to the Father) - 6:15
3. Vor Eshorourt Ko Kalesdiant (The Last Coming of Christ) - 6:50
4. Houys Im (My Hope) - 5:24
5. Ourah Ler Sourp Yeghehetzi (The Joy of the Church) - 3:54
6. Patz Mez Der (Open for Us, O Lord) - 2:44
7. Aleluia! - 2:30
8. Psalm of Lament - 2:06
9. Arzatsirouty Ampen (The Betrayal) - 5:02
10. Zartyav Agheghen (Alleluia for Good Friday) - 2:04
11. Barkevadoun (The Burial of the Lord) - 2:44
12. Psalm of the Funeral Cortege - 3:36
13. Aysor Haryav (The Resurrection of Christ) - 4:14
14. Litany - 2:31

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