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Croatia: Traditional Music of Today CD

Croatia: Traditional Music of Today CD

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Croatia’s traditional music of today is the focus of this 1988 UNESCO release. In the liner notes, Svanibor Pettan, Secretary General of the International Council for Traditional Music, sheds light on the Croatian tradition’s contemporary evolution. One pair of recordings illustrates the stylistic changes that have occurred in a single place over time: two generations of performers from the same village sing in different styles (tracks 17–18). Another pair of recordings compares versions of the same song performed in two different places (23–24). A guslar, who traditionally invokes the exploits of historic (or mythic) heroes, here exhorts listeners to act on a contemporary problem, Croatia’s low birth rate. A traditional tune is arranged by professionals, and a new composition is based on traditional patterns. Twenty-six recordings from various musical regions and cultural communities, from city and village, explore not only the rich variety of Croatia’s traditional music but the dynamism of tradition itself.

This album is part of the UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music. More than 125 albums are being released by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings to make the series publicly available again, including more than a dozen never-released albums of musical traditions from around the globe.


1. Desinecki Drmeš (Drmeš from Desinec) - 1:17
2. Tararajcica - 1:16
3. Polka - 1:11
4. Oj, Lika Goji Konja I Junaka (The Country Of Lika Raises Heroes and Horses) - 1:36
5. Pivaj, Seko / Gospe Sinjska (Sing, Sister / Madonna of Sinj) - 2:01
6. Rodi, Majki, Jedno Dijete Vise (O, Mother, Give Me Birth To One More Child) - 4:56
7. Gospin Plac (Madonna's Weeping) - 4:54
8. Kvadrilja (Quadrille) - 2:16
9. Dobar Vecer, Moja Draga (Good Evening, My Sweetheart) - 3:41
10. Grozdana Polka - 2:05
11. Dobar Vecer, Dobri Ljudi (Good Evening To You, Good People) - 2:09
12. Kolo Iz Drenovaca (Kolo from Drenovaci) - 2:01
13. Tanac - 2:20
14. Drmeš - 2:44
15. Ptica Vuga (The Oriole) - 3:30
16. Janica Je Proso ela (Janica Reaped The Millet) - 1:07
17. Mravac Muvu Isprosio (An Ant Proposed to a Fly) - 2:20
18. Sedam Zvijezdi (Seven Stars) - 2:27
19. Cardaš - 1:59
20. Kolo Iz Duboševice (Kolo from Duboševica) - 2:19
21. Ne Dirajte Mi Ravnicu (Do Not Touch My Plain) - 4:06
22. Balun-Mantinjada - 5:03
23. Potpuhnul Je Tihi Vetar (Light Wind Has Blown) - 3:46
24. Popuhnul Je Tihi Vjetar (A Gentle Wind Has Blown) - 1:45
25. Kraj Kapele Svete Ane (Next To The St. Anne's Chapel) - 4:17
26. Samoborci Piju Vino Z Lonci / Turopoljski Drmeš (The Inhabitants Of Samobor Drink Wine From Buckets) - 2:26

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