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Portugal: Music and Dance from Madeira CD

Portugal: Music and Dance from Madeira CD

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Part of Portugal since its discovery in the early 15th century, Madeira developed music, dance, and festival traditions that reflect and shape its history and social life. Political and economic changes since the 1970s have stimulated a renewed appreciation of local traditions that are researched and performed today by many grassroots folk groups, such as the one featured here. From the dramatic opening track of unaccompanied work calls to an old tragic ballad, song duels, dance songs, and instrumentals featuring a variety of local instruments, these sparkling and startling 1996–1997 recordings display the unique and enduring musical legacy of a disappearing rural life and the vigor of urban life. Produced and annotated through a collaboration of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Associação Musical e Cultural Xarabanda in Madeira. 54 minutes, 38-page booklet. Previously unreleased.

This album is part of the UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music. More than 125 albums are being released by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings to make the series publicly available again, including more than a dozen never-released albums of musical traditions from around the globe.


1. Cantiga dos Borracheiros (Song of the Borracheiros) - 7:03
2. Cantiga de Carregar Trigo (Song for Carrying Wheat) - 1:11
3. Baile da Meia-Volta (Meia-Volta Dance), dance-song - 6:43
4. Charamba, sung poetic competition, excerpt - 3:16
5. Bailinho, dance-song - 4:49
6. O Veneno da Moriana (Moriana’s Poison), ballad - 3:22
7. Toque do Pife (Flute Solo) - 1:19
8. Cantiga do Espírito Santo (Song of the Holy Spirit) - 3:34
9. História do Coelhinho (Story of the Little Rabbit), song - 1:10
10. Triste Avezinha (Sad Bird), for mandolin orchestra - 4:55
11. Fado - 5:01
12. Mourisca dos Canhas (Mourisca of Canhas), dance-song - 3:21
13. Senhor António (Mr. António), song - 2:17
14. Baile dos Canhas (Dance of Canhas), dance-song - 3:04
15. Encrenca (Trouble), instrumental composition - 2:56

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