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Union Train CD

Union Train CD

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Joe Glazer 

For decades Joe Glazer, "Labor’s Troubadour" inspired workers in mills, factories and on railways. In this collection of music, Glazer reminisces of the struggles and triumphs of the railroad worker. He writes, "This album is dedicated to all the workers who lost limbs and lives on the railroads, to the John Henrys who built the Big Bend tunnels and the Casey Joneses who drove the big eight wheelers, to the waymen and the brakemen, the telegrapher and the firemen, the conductors and the switchmen, the clerks and the craftsmen, the planners and the builders; and, yes, to the hoboes who rode the rods and the empty boxcars."

101 Bye Bye Black Smoke Choo Choo Joe Glazer 3:56
102 Danville Girl Joe Glazer 3:27
103 Pat Works On The Railroad Joe Glazer 2:18
104 Many A Man Killed On The Railroad Joe Glazer 1:07
105 The Ballad of Eugene Victor Debs Joe Glazer 3:43
106 Union Train Joe Glazer 2:45
107 Casey Jones Joe Glazer 4:07
108 Daddy, What's A Train? Joe Glazer 3:16
109 The Wreck Of The Royal Palm Joe Glazer 2:20
110 Casey Jones Joe Glazer 2:04
111 Hobo's Meditation Joe Glazer 3:32
112 This Train's A Clean Train Joe Glazer 2:03

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