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Utom: Summoning the Spirit CD

Utom: Summoning the Spirit CD

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Various Artists 

Captured by ethnomusicologist Manolete Mora in 1995, this release is a collection of field recordings documenting the music of the T’boli, a group of approximately 80,000 people living in small, scattered villages in the mountains and valleys of Southwestern Mindanao, Philippines. Summoning The Spirit includes songs of celebration, a hymn dedicated to Lake Sebu (the T’boli’s ancestral heartland), and the popular local song “Prized Banana” about the discontentment of a beautiful and ambitious young woman as she discovers all of her suitors’ flaws. The utom melodies compiled on the album are performed on lute, bamboo zither (a neckless, stringed instrument), flute, fiddle, various forms of gong, mouth harp, percussion, and voice. Utom: Summoning the Spirit was released in 1997 as part of “THE WORLD” series (now part of the Mickey Hart Collection made available by Smithsonian Folkways).

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101 Call of the cicada (Utom udei luleng helef) Bendaly 1:46
102 Flying woodpecker (Utom k'telet moyong) Bendaly 4:17
103 Dance tune (Utom nadal) Bendaly 1:12
104 Call of the cicada (Utom kuleng helef) Lendungen Simfal, Ihan Sibanay 4:55
105 Gongs of the Lemlahak man (Utom k'lintang tau Lemlahak) Lendungen Simfal, Ihan Sibanay 1:44
106 Reed Pipe (Utom feu) Lendungen Simfal, Ihan Sibanay 3:42
107 Song of the night bird (Utom udel blila) Galang S'bagung 2:14
108 Beat of the horses hooves (Utom legedeg kuda) Galang S'bagung 3:23
109 Call of the cicada (Utom udel kuleng helef) Galang S'bagung, Sol Ayaw 2:33
110 Cackling m'naul bird (Utom t'kak m'naul) Galang S'bagung, Sol Ayaw 1:48
111 Concealed touch / Mother of Daddang / Lute dance (Utom semigot / Utom Ye Daddang / Utom hegelung nadal) Ganay Delikan 7:13
112 Beating the gongs slowly (Utom s'magi batul) Danilo Kasaw 2:48
113 Beating the gongs criss (Utom s'magi semfefay) Danilo Kasaw 3:35
114 Sound of the wind (Utom luk lenos) Danilo Kasaw 2:45
115 Hymn of Lake Sebu (Lingon Tutul Sebu) Ye Gas 4:14
116 Prized banana (Soging Tundan) Ye Gas 4:40
117 Lute / Child yearns for its dead mother (Utom hegelung / La Titilem la Tundan) Arturo Bulang 3:42
118 Sendulug (Utom sendulug) Gong Ensemble 2:11
119 Fast tenintu (Utom tenintu k'let) Gong Ensemble 1:24
120 Continously / No head (La helos / La kulu) Blahing Mil 7:01


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