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Wayang Kulit Collections from Lontar Foundation 21 DVDs

Wayang Kulit Collections from Lontar Foundation 21 DVDs

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The long-awaited definitive performances from the Lontar Foundation of wayang kulit now available.

For centuries, the people of Indonesia have revered and nurtured the art of wayang kulit, the shadow puppet theater. In 2003, the significance of this art form was recognized by UNESCO when it declared wayang a “masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.”

There are three major performance styles of wayang kulit performed today: “classic” (klasik), “contemporary-interpretive” (garapan),
and "condensed" (padat). The landmark work contained in these two packages — available as a full collection or separately -- include a total of 21 DVDs and almost 33 hours of performances.

Each DVD (divided into chapters) has its own interactive menu, including the viewer’s choice of English or Indonesian subtitles, essays, background, and bios. The performances are filmed in a rare combination of both the shadow side and the dalang (performer) side. 

The performances in the collection are of Makutharama (Rama's Crown) 11 DVDs and 17 hours, and of Sesaji Raja Suya (The Grand Offering of the Kings) 10 DVDs and 16 hours.  Both are performed by the renowned dalang (performer) Purbo Asmoro.

The collection is being sold complete at this time. Public Performance Rights are included in the purchase of this collection. 

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