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We are the Working Class CD

We are the Working Class CD

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Eddie Starr 

"When [Eddie Starr] graduated high school, [he] had a plan to seek fame and fortune with a rock and roll band." However, Starr became a third-generation steelworker who wrote music that led him to record this album on Collector Records in the early 1990s that gives a new life to the songs of the working class, and created a true "rock ‘n’ roll Starr."

101 We are the Working Class Eddie Starr 5:08
102 The Richest Man in the Universe Eddie Starr 3:35
103 One World Celebration Eddie Starr 3:47
104 Everyone Knows It Eddie Starr 3:45
105 Existence Eddie Starr 5:50
106 I Am Union and I'm Proud Eddie Starr 2:57
107 The Spoiled Brat Song Eddie Starr 2:42
108 The Probation Blues Eddie Starr 3:45
109 Warren County Blues Eddie Starr 3:02
110 Organize- Make a Stand Eddie Starr 3:47
111 Existence, part 2 Eddie Starr 4:58

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