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We've Only Just Begun: A Century of Labor Song CD

We've Only Just Begun: A Century of Labor Song CD

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Joe Glazer 

Joe Glazer’s (1918–2006) musical efforts on behalf of workers and union struggles earned him the nickname “Labor’s Troubadour.” In 1970, he founded Collector Records, primarily to produce records supportive of the struggles of working men and women.

Accompanied by prominent bluegrass instrumentalists, Joe sings well-known songs of the labor movement. Produced for the American Federation of Teachers as an aid for teaching students about organized labor, this recording also marks one hundred years of the modern labor movement.

Liner notes include lyrics and information about the labor movement and the songs.

101 Hard Times In The Mill Joe Glazer 2:16
102 No Irish Need Apply Joe Glazer 2:11
103 John Henry Joe Glazer 4:03
104 Which Side Are You On Joe Glazer 2:53
105 Joe Hill Joe Glazer 4:13
106 Union Maid Joe Glazer 2:07
107 Solidarity Forever Joe Glazer 2:25
108 Medley: We Shall Not Be Moved / Roll The Union On Joe Glazer 2:28
109 Babies in the Mill Joe Glazer 3:28
110 Look For the Union Label Joe Glazer 2:41
111 When A Fellow Is Out Of A Job Joe Glazer 2:40
112 Farm Workers' Song Joe Glazer 2:43
113 Too Old to Work Joe Glazer 2:55
114 We've Only Just Begun Joe Glazer 2:56

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